Opening ZIP in DO, but why not RAR

In version v12 ZIPs and RAR files (maybe few others) were opened in DO.
While association in OS for them was set up for 7zip.

In v13 ZIPs remain same, I can open these in DO, and navigate there. But for some reason RAR files being opened in 7zip instead.

FIXED. File Types > Archives > you have to add *.rar there.
Odd because I don't remember that had to do it in v12.

It’s a bug in the last beta.

Thanks for info.
If that's a bug, could this also apply for video file extensions?
Recently had to add *.m4v for Video File Types, because info tip wasn't showing file info.
Or this is simply due to extension being uncommon, that's why it was missing.

Wouldn't affect the Movies group, only Archives. m4v is in the default Movies extensions, but may not have been when your config was first made, as a possible explanation.

(If you find it or another extension gets removed by itself, let us know, of course! It's always possible there's another bug here somewhere.)

We've fixed the Archives issue for the next beta.