Operations toolbar in the middle

I have been using Magellan for years and lost my key so I am looking for a replacement.
I need the operations bar in the middle between the 2 windows.
Can this be done or do I look for something else.
I have tried a lot of file managers and nothing has come close to magellan and I am afraid I am going to be very dissapointed.

Like this?

Just drag the toolbar there.

it was by enriva. It wasn't all cluttered up like opus. Opus was awesome on the amiga but the windows version is so bloated.

How do you drag. I have tried to but it won't move

I don't know who/what Enriva is.

You can fully edit the toolbars down to just the things you want if you find them cluttered. Please be specific if you need help doing that, as I do not know which functions you do or don't want to keep.

Toolbars are dragged using the grips at the left or top edges of them. (Left for horizontal toolbars.)

If there are no grips, right click the empty space on a toolbar and make sure Lock Toolbars is NOT ticked.

Ok, I got it, thanks.
Can you have the drive labels show beside the dive letter. I have 10 drives and without the label, it's had to remember what one I want.

Yes, go into Settings / Customise mode, right-click the button where the list of drives was, and it will run a command like:


Add "labels" to whatever is there, like this:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=hideempty,labels

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