Option to bind Expand and scroll to left double click and option to Zoom without holding Ctrl in the Viewer Pane

I would like to suggest to add an option to bind left mouse button double click to Expand and scroll and an option to Zoom without holding Ctrl key in the Viewer Pane for images. I think this might be really useful for image browsing.

I made a short video to show why. In this video I am trying different ways to scroll to particular part of the image(the squirrel), Expand and scroll option is enabled. In order to do this I have to either first increase zoom level and use comfortable left click scroll or resort to using scroll bars. I also tried to scroll the image using mouse wheel, it is useless in this case.

As you can see it is much easier to scroll images using left click. But in order to do so and have Expand and zoom enabled at the same time, I need to bind them(scroll and Expand and zoom) to different mouse actions. Left double click fits for this option(Expand and zoom) nicely, but it is already reserved for opening files in the Viewer, that already can be done by double clicking the file in the list. Binding image scrolling to left click and double click to Expand and scroll also resolves a minor cosmetic issue when you can see rapid image flicker(1:06 in the video) when trying to open it in the Viewer with double click. Mouse wheel scrolling is fine for scrolling documents, but it is impossible to use it to scroll images horizontally, that's why in my opinion it would be great to have the ability to bind it to image zooming, also it helps to keep your left hand free for other tasks because you don't have to hold Ctrl key.
The files I used in the video are attached to the post.
3567x5338-original.zip (8.5 MB)

Thanks for adding an option to bind expand and scroll to double click in Viewer Pane. :slight_smile: