Option to make background of every other line greyed

Hey everyone, I'm wondering if there is a display feature that allows every second line in the Lister to be greyed . I don't mean the text, just the background line. I've scanned through the preferences section and cant find what I'm looking for.

I'm still in the evaluation phase and believe this is one of, if not the best, alternative to Microsoft's pathetic explorer.

Thanks, John

Folder > Grid Lines to turn them on temporarily.

Preferences / File Display Modes / Details (and Power Mode if you use that) to change the grid settings or turn them on all the time. One of the line style options there is a solid block, which shades the backgrounds of alternating lines.

Thanks Leo, much appreciated.

The first method you suggested was easy to find but the second, to make it a permanent change, was more challenging as File Display Modes wasn't showing within Preferences till I noticed the searchbar down the bottom and typed in File Display Modes.

It's always in the list on the left, unless you've already done a search which filters it out since you opened the window.

I must have been having a Blonde Moment each time I was looking for it, but it's there now and I do thank you for your response.

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