Option to remove "dotted lines" on folder tree

Windows exploerer has a nice and clean folder tree, but dopus has stuck with the old look with ugly dotted lines indicating the folder structure.... making the folder tree an unslightly mess.

Please remove them!

Turn the tree off - problem solved.

Or you could ask the developers to remove TVS_HASLINES when they create the controll. You think this is some special thing only MS can do in Explorer or?
I want the tree there and like newboy, I hate the friggin lines. I could make a quick and dirty hack that remove them but its better if the developers of DirOpus did that instead. Its so easy to do too so I really dont understand why this wasnt done in the first place.
I really want the tree controll to behave just like Explorers tree. When I select a branch it should expand and when I select another branch the first one should rollup, unless I selelcted something within that one ofcourse.

I guess for the same reason it's not done in RegEdit, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, mIRC, MMC, Device Manager... In fact Explorer is one of very few apps which remove the lines from the tree.

Since Opus is a file manager and Explorer replacement, and since Explorer looks that way on XP and it's easy to add the flag to the control, I agree that Opus might as well make it an option to look the same, but it's no surprise that it doesn't yet since it's absolutely normal for tree controls to have lines in just about every program, even from Microsoft.