Option to Zoom in the Viewer without holding Ctrl

As the title says I would like to suggest to add an option that will make it possible to zoom in/out a picture in the Viewer without holding down the Ctrl key, just with a mouse wheel. I think this will be really useful for users who have a mouse with side buttons. For example in other viewers(XnView, HoneyView etc) I usually use side buttons to switch between the files and I use mouse wheel to zoom in/out, this way my left hand is kept completely free.

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I like using a Firefox addon that allows me to zoom with holding right-mouse button + scroll wheel. I think that would be a fantastic feature to add and would keep from having to use Ctrl.

Well, that's an interesting idea, but still Firefox, and browsers in general, are different from viewers in terms of functionality that is expected from them. An example of this is vertical scrolling which is essential for good browsing experience, that's why it is almost always binded to mouse wheel. And that's the reason why additional modifiers(e.g. ctrl or right mouse button) are used for zoom in browsers, because vertical scrolling is used far more often than zoom, and it would have been uncomfortable to use mouse wheel with modifiers for vertical scrolling. Just imagine, that every time you wanted to scroll a web page in Firefox you would have to hold right mouse button and scroll mouse wheel instead of just scrolling it. To put it differently in browsers vertical scrolling is a primary function for users in comparison with zoom. Whereas in case of viewers, zoom is a primary function or at least one of them. Therefore in my opinion it is better to keep its usage as simple as possible e.g. new feature "Expand and scroll" or just by scrolling mouse wheel without any modifiers.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this in the next update.

Ah. I took your request as you still wanted to use scroll wheel for Next/Previous but still get a zoom option without a keyboard modifier. I still like my idea too :slight_smile:

Thank you. :thumbsup:

I am using side buttons on my mouse for next/previous, it is really convenient. :slight_smile: