Optional removable drives

I've created a button that displays my removable drives (cdrom and removable options, so that it displays CDs and USB drives).
Is there an option that tells DOpus to display a drive only if it contains an actual media (a bit like MacOS X) ?

Not a bad idea, but I don't think it can be done at the moment.

I add the labels,lettersbeforelabels arguments so the labels appear in the list, which makes it easier to see which drives have media, at least when the media has a label.

Ok, the problem is not to know if a drive has a media in it, it's only a matter of space used in my toolbar.

Makes sense. I've moved all of my external drives and most of my network drives into a submenu so they don't clutter up my main toolbar (and also because loading their icons used to slow everything down, although that may not be an issue these days).