Optional sound feedback (and/or eject optical disc source) for normal (non-FTP) file copy success

Over the next week I'll be doing a lot of repetitive copying of files on many dozen (100?) data CDs, DVDs and BluRays to a portable hard drive and it would be nice to be able to have a sound when the current copy progress from my lone external BluRay drive is done, but apparently there is no such option except for FTP copies.

I'm doing this on a secondary laptop while I'm using my main laptop through a docking station, although the laptop is situated immediately to the right of my two monitors hooked up to the docking station. It would be convenient not to have to keep looking over at the laptop to see if the current copy job is done and therefore ready for me to change discs.

An alternative (and possibly separately a nice option) would be for Directory Opus to automatically eject the disc when the copy file job is done. The ejecting disc would be audible enough for me to notice, plus serve an extra practical purpose/time-saver in this long, tedious process.

I could probably find something, maybe even free, that would do these things but I'm not really interested in using anything else unless using something through Directory Opus to achieve the same results in an elegant and relatively pain-free way is possible.

The only closely related search result I found here was Can I add more sound effects? which was evidently more concerning sound effects when pushing buttons/executing commands.

Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!

You could make a button (or edit the normal Copy Files button) so it runs the Play command after the Copy command, to play a wav file.

Ejecting should also possible, probably using ContextMenu FILE=X:\ VERB=eject (If that doesn't work with your drive, see the top of the ContextMenu command for how to find the right verb or ID.)

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Thank you! DOH me as usual. I'll implement both immediately and I'll post back.

I've got the sound working no problem. Still working on the eject, but at least the sound solves the main convenience factor. :slight_smile:

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