Opus 10+11 - Error in shown directory contents

Error is present in Directory Opus v10 and new edition, in v11 - program can sometime "hang" and not display changes made in displayed folder...

I using Windows XP + Directory Opus 10 and from 2 days - Dopus 11.
I had a hope, that this error will be removed, but as i see is present in next version too.
Please repair it, is frustrating and can be a source of problems.


I opening a new window and paste a file into it (Ctrl+V) - file is not shown, even after few times...
2011-12-21_0049_noaudio.7z (78.4 KB)
(see attached video - it's an avi but forum rules deny to attach avi files, so i pu them into 7z archive)

also, when i open next browser (1+1) and copy file into it, content is not refreshed and new files are not shown.
On left are refreshed content (i must manually refresh it (i have shortcut defined for this :confused: )
On right - content is still not shown (this is after COPYING file in right dual panel - file MM.pcap is copied to left dual. Copy is completed and [u]file is not present in destination directory[/u] - but as i shown in different window (left), file is exists. Same in first video - i pasted files, few times and until i manually not refreshed directory - files are hidden... and magically after refresh they are appear...
In explorer in same time all is shown...

This sometime is working... and sometime not - why?
2011-12-21_0050_noaudio.7z (421 KB)

All is working on system area - Windows explorer correctly display new files and changes - but DOpus - don't.
(video file #1)

I plan to submit this error earlier, but i see new version is available and problem is still alive
It will be repaired, in version 10 of Opus too?

I cannot reproduce this with Opus 11 on Windows 7. Working in a folder via a subst drive letter works fine here.

Please see Changes to folders are not being detected for some suggestions.