Opus 10.5: problems reading folder on Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.7

When I connect my HP LAPTOP Elitebook i5 to Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.7,

  1. It took 6 minutes to list 2547 jpeg files on SD card SDHC class 10
  2. It crashed when I selected 1500 files
  3. It happened every single time I tried for 6 times
  4. It suck!
  5. It was OK on 10.2

How did folk at Directory Opus let this big bug slipped through?

I presume you're using the new MTP support and not connecting the SD card directly to the computer.

You can return MTP support to how it was in 10.2 by setting Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: mtp_enable to False.

We don't currently have a Galaxy Tab 7.7 to test with, and some Android devices seem to have wildly different implementations of the MTP protocol so there may be problems with some of them that neither we nor any other users have seen/reported yet.

Disabling anything in the lister that reads files in the background may help with some devices. e.g. Turn off the Description column and anything else that displays image dimensions, etc. Avoid thumbnails mode.

I can vouch (4848) x64 crashes on access to a Galaxy Tab 7.7. Only after turning MTP to False will it work. Is this a Beta or a Release?

We've tested with a few different Samsung devices now and they work, but there seems to be a lot of variety out there (and the MTP stacks in both Windows and Android are unreliable themselves; even when using Windows Explorer I had to re-plug or even restart my phone/tablet several times) so it's difficult to make it perfect with every device & firmware.

If setting MTP_Enable=False makes it work then you should use that, at least for now.