Opus 10 causing other applications to freeze

We are running DOpus 10 Pro on Server 2012 used as a terminal server for 3 users to concurrently log into it. It seems that Opus is causing Adobe, Outlook and Excel to hang. Is there some compatibility issue or should an upgrade to a current version of Opus would fix this problems

Opus has no direct interaction with those products, however we have been involved (more as an onlooker) in email threads on those issues which turned out to be caused by MS Office add-ins which have problems triggered by programs which use certain clipboard APIs, until the add-ins were fixed. (It may be the OLE Clipboard APIs but we are not sure and were not party to what the actual fixes were. Once the add-in vendor reproduced the problem they saw it was in their code and we weren't involved further.)

Based on that, it may be worth disabling any add-ins installed in Outlook and Excel to see if the problem remains. If it solves the problems, we'd recommend contacting the relevant add-in vendors.

I don't think there have been any reports of similar issues with any Adobe products, but it's possible that it is just getting caught up waiting for the clipboard to be released by one of the other programs, or something similar, or that it has a similar issue itself.

Unrelated to this, there are some issues with older versions of Windows and RDP/terminal services and the clipboard, where rdpclip.exe gets stuck in a high CPU loop. Opus can trigger that, but so can a large number of other applications. It seems to have been fixed in more recent versions of Windows, circa Windows Vista, so I'd expect Server 2012 to be OK in that respect, but it might be worth checking on the rdpclip.exe service in case it is involved.

We are having a similar issue and disabled the Add-In's. However, we are still experiencing Directory Opus freezing up when we open an Excel file via Directory Opus. This also seems to hang up Excel. If we close
Opus, we regain access to the Excel spreadsheet. This is becoming a major issue for us. Are there any other resolves or possible fixes for this issue?

Please go to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins and configure the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin.

If the Microsoft Office line that is in a lower section all to itself is enabled, please disable it. This is a legacy mode that hosts the Office apps themselves inside of the Opus viewer, which was never particularly reliable.

It's disabled by default in newer versions of Opus, but if your account details are correct and you're using Opus 10 then it isn't disabled by default in that older version.

The better way to view Office documents is using Preview Handlers, which appear in the top section of the same window. Those are explicitly designed to function as viewers which are hosted inside other programs, and modern versions of Office include them. (There are also third party options like Quick View Plus.)

If you're on a very old version of Office (over 10+ years old) then it may not include preview handlers, but often the issue is just that Office needs repairing to make the preview handlers work again.

Which Office and Opus versions are you using, and what do you see when you configure the plugin?