Opus 10 to 11 and back again

I have version 10.x. If I download/install to evaluate the latest version, 11.x, and decide that I do not want to upgrade how do I remove and or return things to the way they were before installing version 11.x?

thank you.

You can go back to v10, but I would recommend creating a backup via "settings > backup & restore" from your actual v10-config before upgrading.

For upgrade just execute setup, after upgrade DO opens it's standard-layout (to show the new features), but your toolbars are still there.

I understand backing up settings but will DO 10 have to be re installed again if DO11 is removed?

You would need to uninstall DO11, then reinstall DO10 then restore settings.
To windows they are the same app, one replaces the other you cant have both installed.