Opus 11 Lite

Just purchased Opus 11 Lite having used the trial version for the past few weeks, with newly purchased registration code accepted, but on starting up Opus, although someof my colour custom settings have remained, my customised toolbars and buttons have all disappeared. Now I can no longer find a way of adding toolbar buttons - this option appears to have disappeared in the customise options, plus there's no deafault lister menu items in the settings drop down menu to alter or save a lister - I can't find any way of changing the default toolbar settings. Are these options only available in the pro version? The comaparison table on the Opus main site clearly says "Configure your own toolbar buttons and menus" for the Lite version, so I'm left wondering what's the problem.

You can add your own toolbars (as many as you like) but the light version doesn't let you modify the built-in toolbars.

Opus 11 Light allows custom toolbars and toolbar buttons to be made, but does not allow the default Menu and Operations toolbars to be changed (that requires Pro). (The file display toolbar can be edited, and other toolbars can be turned on.)

During evaluation you can switch between Light and Pro to compare versions. It sounds like you may have customized the default toolbars in Pro, which should mean the customized toolbars are still in your configuration (as long as you don't uninstall, which wipes the config), but the Light version won't load those toolbars.

You can make Opus Light load your customized toolbars, so you can copy or move things you made on them to a new toolbar, as follows:

[ul][li]Type /dopusdata/Buttons into the location field in Opus.[/li]
[li]Select Menu.dop and Operations.dop[/li]
[li]Copy and paste them so you have new copies with new names.[/li]
[li]You can now open the Customize dialog and turn on those toolbars, and edit them as before.[/li][/ul]

To create a brand new toolbar below the two default ones, click the button at the top-left of the toolbars list in the Customize dialog.