Opus 12.16.4 and Lenstype Metadata

Load the initial metadata values into the form and calculate the image size.
For Each selItem in clickData.func.sourcetab.selected
Set imageData = selItem.Metadata.image
Set otherData = selitem.MetaData.other
mycomments = imagedata.instructions
exposprog = imagedata.exposureprogram
flashfire = imageData.flash
iso = imageData.isorating
speed = imageData.focallength
title = imageData.title
subject = imageData.Subject
author = imageData.mp3artist
copyright = imageData.copyright
imagedesc = imageData.imagedesc
taggery = imagedata.tags
dippy = imagedata.picresx
lensy = imagedata.lenstype
cammake = imagedata.cameramodel
datery= dato
height = imagedata.picheight
width = imagedata.picwidth
starrating = otherData.rating
editprog = imagedata.software

This is snippet of VBA to pick the metadata of images.Obviously it is art of much larger macro designed to fill in picture metadata through a VB Form. It works in all respects apart from the the line:

lensy = imagedata.lenstype

This always contains nothing, although Photoshop shows the field contains the lens info for my Nikon DSLR.

ExifTool shows the the name of the field as LensID

What am I doing wrong?

Try LensModel maybe:

The old EXIF Lens Type field is now called Lens Model (as this is its correct name) and the Lens Make field has been added.

(I wasn't involved in this change, so this is just a guess based on the 12.16.4 release notes.)

I tried that one, Leo but to no avail

Yes, both lensmake and lensmodel work as columns, but are not available in item.metadata.image (yet, I guess). lenstype stopped working in 12.16.4.

Thanks for reporting it so quickly!