Opus 12.5 conflicts with Win 7 64 bit Shell

I have to run CC Cleaner reg edit VERY frequently- on most reboots or just as I go along.

It fixes it temporarily

When the conflict is present I cannot open any of the Win functions like control panel or anything in the program list. Fortunately I can access CC cleaner from the tray or as a search function in win to launch...other wise stuck....really bad when this keeps happening in China when I travel..!!

What is a solution? I am always updated in version of opus, CC cleaner pro and pretty much everything else. I use bitdefender total security FYI.


Dr Khalsa

As a general rule, using "cleaning" tools on Opus's registry settings is more likely to cause problems like avoid or repair them.

I would:

  • Do a config backup in Opus (Settings > Backup & Restore)
  • Uninstall Opus (this will wipe the config, which is why it should be backed up first)
  • Reboot
  • Download and run the latest Opus installer
  • Restore your config (Settings > Backup & Restore)

If you still have problems, make sure neither the installer nor any of the Opus .exe files have any compatibility settings enabled for them. In particular, if Windows is configured to make Opus think it is running on an older version of the OS then Explorer Replacement may be done in a way which isn't compatible with the real OS version.