Opus 12.6.1 beta auto installed - why?

I deselected auto-updates in my 12.6 preferences, but this beta version has auto-installed anyway and I don't want it. I'm going to reinstall the 12.6 (which is kind of a pain time-wise). My question is why did the beta version install? I don't know if I allowed it without realizing it? Is it a bug? I don't want this happening again. Thanks for any helpful advice - I'm kind of new here.

At least normally, the automatic update checker does not look for betas (it isn't even an option; they will be displayed in the News list, but won't cause it to prompt you to download or update), and also does not automatically run the installer unless you click to install it after it has been downloaded. (The download can be automatic, if configured to, but not the installation, and not for beta versions.)


What happened when the auto-install took place? Were any windows open, such as the auto-updater?

Had you downloaded Opus manually recently? Is it possible you grabbed the beta installer instead of the 12.6 installer?

If you go to Help > About within Opus, which version does it report there?

  • No updates auto-install. The option is only to auto-download, you will always be prompted to initiate the install manually.
  • As Leo says, the update checker never downloads beta versions.

It was the auto-updater. I was just curious. It hasn't happened again and I've run the auto-updater again to check. Thank you!

You mean the internal DOpus auto updater? If the DOpus auto updater did install it that is a serious bug. As:

  1. The Auto update never auto installs, only auto downloads.
  2. The Auto update does not download Beta's
  3. Windows security would prevent the install.

I understand that something happened that you didn't expect. But with respect I doubt it was the auto-updater. If you want to prevent it happening again I would be looking else where for the cause.

It is simply not possible for the auto-updater to download a beta version, and not possible for it to auto-install an update it has downloaded.

The only way a beta version could have been installed is if you did it yourself.