Opus 12 - Photo imports and folder tab formats

Using Opus 12.0.11

Trying to acquire images from a digital camera is painfully slow in Opus 12. In 11 image loading was only limited to the USA connection speed and 1000 images would be available to work on in say 30 seconds. Since Opus 12 it takes minutes to load, even then you cannot copy the images sometimes for minutes at a time. I have now to use Windows Explorer to load the images and paste them from there - speed just as good as Opus 11.

I regret the change of folder tab colour from a fully coloured tab to a narrow line - it is far less easy to find the tabs you want quickly now. I understand you had to go one way or the other, ie it was not possible to give users a choice of how the tabs were to be displayed in colour. The new coloured lines are tolderable when the tabs are in a horizontal row but extremely difficult to see if the tabs are vertically left or right, so much so it is hardly worth colouring them. Would it be possible to either make the colour area wider (user option to set width would be good) or to display the colours still horizontally under the tab, even if the tabs are arranged vertically.

One of the options under Highlight Path to selected folder is "Use colour from tab (if applicable). This does not work - the path is always a standard colour.

With folder tabs to the side, we had another look at these over the last couple of days and tried a few different ideas...

None of those really worked so we ended up reverting back to where they were, and made them slightly wider.

Note that these are 200% DPI images from my dev machine. If you're on a normal DPI screen they will be scaled down, introducing some scaling artifacts, and things will look slightly different compared to what Opus will render at normal DPI.

"Use colour from tab" for tree path highlights was only working for colors that come from tab-linking. In 12.0.12 it will use custom tab colors as well.

For photo import speed, we need more details of what you're doing. Preferable in a separate thread. (See ask one question per thread for suggestions on when to use separate threads.) If you are connecting to the camera via MTP, toggling Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: mtp_enable may help; failing that, plugging the memory card into a USB card reader should give faster results than MTP in general.

Agree as mentioned in another thread some weeks ago.

I see, appreciate your effort finding the right place and look for the tab-color feature. o)
Having the colored bar to the right really seems to be the best version for now. If you made it wider, good! Don't know how wide it will end up, but I would like the colored bar to be at least twice as wide as shown here. So the mentioned user option for the width.. might be an option. o)

Thank you, tb.