Opus 13: Destination/Source not changing when I click between listers

Just upgraded to 13 yesterday. When I have multiple single-pane listers open, all of them remain as Source listers when I click into another lister. The file display header bars are indicating when they lose focus, but never changing to Destination. Obviously, when I use the Copy/Copy As/Move etc. buttons, I'm prompted to choose a destination before the copy/move can proceed.

A dual-pane lister is showing Dest/Source correctly and changing them when I click between panes.

The file display icons are also stuck on Source, regardless of the state of the lister.

Turn this on to restore the old behavior:

Preferences / File Displays / Options / Single display Listers have source/destination modes

Most people didn't know about / understand it, which meant they might copy/move files to another window they can't even see without realising what they did, which is why it's now optional and off by default. (It won't be going away though, don't worry.)

Sorted, thanks.

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