Opus 8 and pdf documents

I'd like to know if it's possible to display pdf documents in Directory Opus 8 with the viewing panel ?
If not with the last version of Directory Opus ?

Thanks by advance for you help and answers.


Yes, it's possible. Opus 8 would host an Internet Explorer browser within the viewer pane to display PDF files, so it should work as long as you have something installed which allows IE to view PDFs.

Newer versions of Opus prefer to use the system PDF preview handler, if available, to display PDF files in the viewer pane. Preview handlers were introduced in Windows Vista (although a handful also work on XP if you have Office 2007 installed), and that method works much better with newer versions of Windows, IE and Adobe Reader.

Will be there a Windows Reader plugin as touch-options are better supported and it seems to be faster than Adobe Reader?

Isn't Windows Reader a Metro app?


...but I still don't what's the difference between "normal" programs and a metro-app in detail.

Metro apps can only run in the full-screen Metro environment, so they are never going to be useful for the viewer panel.

You should be able to make it so double-clicking a PDF opens it Windows Reader (full screen), but a Metro app will never co-exist on the same monitor as anything else, let alone within the same window as other things like a viewer plugin or preview handler has to.

Metro apps won't even share a sliver of the screen to let you see the clock. :slight_smile: