Opus 9: Font Scaling sizes keep changing after Windows changes screen

Hello. I have been an Opus 9 user since approx. 3.8.2011. I then tried v10 but found it to be slower and offered no new benefits to me. I am running Windows v7-64 with new hardware and drivers.

During this time I have been still using v9-64 and it has been working fine except for DOpus fonts randomly change when Windows screen scaling is changed which causes me to have to reset Opus’s fonts at least five times on an average day. Restoring the configuration from backup has no effect. This becomes quite tedious after a time.

It appears other Opus users are having this same problem: [DOpus fonts change when Windows scaling is changed) however I cannot find a permanent solution. Does a solution exist?

I have recently tried your Opus v11.16 and that did fix the font scaling problem during the three days I had used it. But I’ve found it to be much slower and crashed more frequently than the version 9. Is there anyway way to fix this font scaling problem in Opus v9?

Thank you.


So you aren't stuck on a years-old version forever, the best thing to do is work out what's causing the problem with Opus 10 and Opus 11. Slow-downs and crashes are usually caused by 3rd party components like shell extensions and video codecs, or can also be caused by bugs in Opus when it encounters specific files, or by configuration (but that would be less likely to affect one version and not another).

If you're seeing crashes which take down the whole program, please email us the crash dumps from a recent version:

[ul][li]Crash dumps for bug reports[/li][/ul]
You can email them to leo@gpsoft.com.au and, depending on the type of issue, we can often use them to tell the cause of a crash, and whether it is coming from Opus or a 3rd party component. Crash dumps from older versions are less likely to be useful, but may still allow us to tell which component is causing the problem.

The following guides may also help narrow down what is causing the problem. If it is a bug in Opus then we can fix it. If it turns out to be caused by a 3rd party component, we may be able to implement a workaround, or you may find the problem goes away if that component is updated or replaced.

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