OPUS a folder on desktop

New to OPUS, new to this forum, did some searches and did not find anything. I wanted to see if this is possible and if so about how would i go about it? I have tired i few ways myself without success.

When i open a folder on the desktop I would like opus to open with no MENUs, no TABS, a defined style that i created (basically plain with just the file name and date). I would like for this to be automatic when the folder is on the desktop and not require me to change the style. However when i open a folder anywhere else on the PC I want my default OPUS to open.

The goal is to not have a full blown "busy" power user type explore open for just a little folder on the desktop to org current work in progress. If I need the full blown I will fire off the WIN-E, :slight_smile:

I would like the window that comes up to show the contents of the folder in as small a footprint as possible when launched from the desktop.

I don't think there is a good way to do that at the moment, sorry.

Double-clicking folders on the desktop opens the default Lister, so you should save your "minimal" layout as the default Lister, and disable the automatic update when a Lister is closed. You can then use a saved layout for the "full-blown" Lister, and the Windows+E hotkey can be overridden to open a defined layout.

The only thing you cant do currently is have different sets of toolbars in your different types of Lister.

Would you happen to know if the devs consider a change on that in some not too distant future? I would welcome the possibility to save Lister Layouts with a fixed saved set of toolbars, e.g. "Ctrl + F" for a lister with a find panel and all toolbars gone!! that'd be cool :sunglasses:

It's quite a complex change to the code so while it's definitely on the to-do list, it's unlikely to appear in a minor update.

Well at least I know it can not be done, I can stop trying to script it, :slight_smile:

I use the heck out of OPUS for power using programming and the like. However, I organize my desktop with many folders, for the several simultaneous projects going on at the same time. Think of it as I use OPUS when I am working with a file cabinets of documents but i do not need a large file cabinet on my desk when a small file organizer will work, hehe, okay probably not the best analogy but it is all i have.

I might be the only person in the world that uses a windows desktop as a virtual desktop workspace and not just a program launching ground. 5 video files over here to process when i get time, 6 video links over here to watch when I have time, 7 documents over here to edit when I have time. If i were to toss those in real folders in the file system I am afraid i would lose them or not get to them in quite some time. For me a desktop with nothing on it is a symbol i am caught up.... which DOES happen from time to time.

I have found Stardock fences, perhaps that will have to work for now. I was just hoping to be able to kill two birds with one stone.

No way!!!!!! :thumbsup:


No way!!!!!! :thumbsup:

Don't get too excited, Plunder...

It's been there for a long time. :slight_smile: