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Opus and Explorer:Right click on drive causes hang

In explorer I can right click on my drive G: without problems.

In Opus, I have a GO Drivebuttons toolbar entry. If I right-click on my drive G: there, sometimes (once every twenty times or so) it hangs, the Opus lister becomes faded (inactive) and Opus unresponsive. I have to force quit and restart Opus.

What does Opus do different than Explorer if I right-click a drive, and can whatever it does be disabled to prevent this problem?

I think I have reported this before, but at that time I wasn't aware that it always works in explorer, just only Opus hangs.

EDIT: Nevermind, it just happened again, and this time in Explorer. It hangs explorer but not Opus this time. I guess it is always either one or the other. I sure hate the Windows USB stack. Completely unstable and unreliable. Also, it seems to install drivers depending on which USB PORT I plug my G: drive into. How does the port matter? Who at Microsoft came up with such a stupid idea. Now I have to remember which port to plug what into, since it might make a difference.

I doubt it's the USB stack or there would be hundreds of similar reports for both Explorer and Opus.

It's probably a shell extension that something has installed on your system. Shell extensions require careful programming and knowledge of some unusual rules about what they can and can't do, and unfortunately are often written by people who are inexperienced or don't really know what they are doing.