Opus closed when opening Help

Hi, Leo:

Sorry if I am being off-toppic here. I was uncertain where to post this.

This is mostly a "bug" report, sort of. DOpus 12.18 is closing unexpectedly when, with its main window opened, the user clicks on its main help menu command - and also on the one immediately bellow it - a second time after having opened its help file this way, closed it and then trying to reopen it by clicking on any one of both menu commands again.

Thanks in advance.

(I've split this to a new topic, as the 7 year old one about a conflict with Sticky Passwords wasn't related at all.)

If opening the Help or Release Notes closes Opus, it's probably your antivirus killing the program. I'd expect antivirus to TELL you when it does this, since if something was actually attacking your PC you'd want to know about it rather than just think a program was crashing, but a lot of antivirus is trash and just kills processes without telling you why or what happened.

Opening the Help will, by default, cause Opus to run a local web server and then ask a web browser to connect to it. That's probably triggering antivirus to kill the process out of paranoia.

If you can't or don't want to reconfigure the antivirus, you can change Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Behavior]: help_interface from the default HTTP to the legacy CHM mode, which will open the help file in the old Microsoft HTML Help tool. (But note that Microsoft no longer support that tool, it doesn't work well in high DPI, and it may not work at all in later versions of Windows.)

Thanks, Leo.

I am almost sure it's not an antivirus causing the "problem". But, OK, never mind, since I opted for doing as suggested, choosing to open Dopus' help system from the legacy CHM mode option.

Really appreciate your support.

Kind regards.