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Opus crash when right clicking

Hi guys
Help is needed for my problem I am running win 8 64bit I recently had a C: SDD and my + D: HDD crash luckily l I had all my data files backed up. I have since replaced drives and reloaded windows. During this time their was an update to Opus which is now 11.15 64Bit.
My problem is that whenever I right click on any file with any extension (PDF, Txt, Doc whatever) Opus stops working and I have to restart Opus, whereas with win file explorer it works OK. Any help for a learner would be helpful with a step through.

Please see Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files

Thanks Leo

I braved my way through it all and it turned out to be notepad CLSID causing crash.


Do you mean Notepad++ ? This was an issue quite a while ago but from what I know it has also been resolved for quite a while. Are you using the latest version of Notepad++ ?

Hi Jon
It was Notepad++ causing problem and after checking it turned out to be a early version (V6.1.4.6) because of the HDD crash I had used my old backup program. Now I have updated to V6.7.9.2 changed preferences back to what it was and hey presto all OK. Thanks for the heads up on that one.