Opus Crashes when Editing File Types

Open File Types... from the Settings menu
Select, for example, (NONE) All folders and click Edit
then just hold either SHIFT or CONTROL keys and scroll up or down with the middle mouse button.

The next window appears..

DOpus Minidump available if needed
This is reproduceable in my system every time

Directory Opus Pro 12.30 Build 8360 x64
OS 10.0 (B:19045 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Please check with the current version (12.31). If it still happens with that, please send us the minidumps.

Same results with v12.31, i just sent the dumps to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au.

Directory Opus Pro 12.31 Build 8459 x64
OS 10.0 (B:19045 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Many thanks. We should have a fix in the next update.