Opus does not show previews

Recently my Opus stopped to show previews of video files. But sometimes some preview still shows. The reason I did not find one. What do I do?

The one that works is probably just cached.

See Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus.

I cleared the cache and register splitters for Opus (mp4, mkv, flv), but did not fix: some mp4, mkv, avi files have a preview, and some do not. There are other ideas?

All the other stuff in the FAQ. Codecs (not just splitters), registry settings if something has damaged the filetypes (VLC is a common culprit for that).

Presumably Windows Explorer cannot get thumbnails for the files either?

You can try what I do. I get great results:

You can try what I do. I get great results:

Thank you - now my opus works fine :wink:

Open * Codec Tweak Tool* Select DirectShow 64bit then Tick all and Apply all and close