Opus File Types

I am trying to figure out "Opus File Types." I have done extensive studying and I am coming up with a blank. I have owned Opus for, I don't know, maybe 5 years. I think there is some real power here. I would really like a better understanding.

Does someone out there have 1 of these worked out that I could examine to try and figure it out? Maybe if someone could send me some screenshots, or pictures or pieces that I could really take a good look at and try to figure out.

Or does somone possibly have this documented out? I have read the Help files and I feel like a dummy when I am done reading because I am not getting anything out of it.

Thanks for any help!


What are you trying to do with file types that you need help with?

Or which part of the manual's File Types chapter are you having trouble with?

I have a confidant who seems to have a handle on file types so I am going to work with her to understand it a little more. When I have a basic handle on things I will then post any questions I might have.

Thanks anyways.

I do have a question regarding context menus...I am going to start a new topic for it.