Opus Hanging due to Bins


Over the last few months I have been dealing with a random issue where DO will hang. When it occurs you are unable to bring listers to the front, and if one is at the front it will be non responsive to any interaction.

On occasion you can open a new lister window, but it will stop functioning. Sometimes killing all DO processes and the helper will fix the problem but often not for long.

It seems to be connected to load, but hard to tell as my laptop seems to live at >90% CPU most of the time even at idle. I suspect software installed by work.

I have sent some dmp files. Is it worth trying to restore to a default configuration ?

Thanks for any suggestions,

The snapshots indicate that the hooks installed by 1up Industries Bins are deadlocking on a critical section.

You could temporarily uninstall Bins to confirm it's the cause and, if that confirms it, report the issue to them and send the same snapshots their way for analysis.

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