OPUS Label feature on Synology Networked Drive files not working

I use the Opus Label feature a lot, but most of my files now reside on a NAS storage which I share on to my PC. However, during the last 6 months or so something happened that with Opus is does not recognise a file on the Synology drive for RENAMING/DELETION purposes. File reading is ok.
There is no issue renaming the file on Synology itself.
If I try to rename the file with an Opus Colour label in OPUS I get the windows error "System Cannot find the file specified". But if I remove the label everything is ok and the file is renamed.

Synology NAS may not support NTFS ADS, and it sounds like they have a bug in your model (and firmware version, etc.) when they are used.

Ask Synology for help. The error is coming from their NAS, which isn’t implementing the SMB protocol correctly by the sound of things. It wouldn’t be the first time they messed something up in an update.

Thanks Leo. Yes it was a Synology issue, which now appears to have been fixed because after the last software update it has been working.

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