Opus Listers no longer open as top window

Something I am installing after I install opus stops it from opening on top. I have not changed any opus settings. With a 30" monitor and loads of open windows, double clicking on a bit of desktop wallpaper has been wonderful in bringing Opus to the top. Now it just appears at the bottom of the stack and I have to click on its thumbnail in the task bar to bring it up.
Any suggestions how to fix this? I can't figure out what's happening on this end to change it's behavior. Very frustrating.

Vista Ultimate x64 on Intel 80gb SSD; Asus Maximus Formula II MB; Intel Q9550 OC'd to 3.5; 8gb RAM; 1,200wt PS; Storage: one 80gb Intel SSD, one Raid(0) (2x250gb)x2, and two 1tb speed drives; Asus 4850 Vid card

You can try -> options -> preferences -> Opus start -> from desktop -> bring last active lister to the front, respectively try the other options.

If you are referring to keeping Opus on top of all other windows, there is this option:

Hi guys, thanks for the replies but your suggestions didn't solve my problem. I uninstalled opus then reinstalled it and problem is solved for now. If anyone else has had this problem and figured out a fix, please let me know.