Opus Macro to open a OneNote document

I tried to create a Macro that would be an Opus Button. The purpose is to open Microsoft-OneNote 365 desktop to a paragraph that is in a OneNote-Notebook. I know it will work in a macro program,, Dragon. I thought it might work in Opus. here is the code I entered in the "advanced" section of a Button:
Sub Main
AppBringUp "onenote:///B:!MS!OneNote!MST-SYS\Bob\Bob\Date\ToDay\Index-ToDay.one#ToDay&section-id={BD2D4C2B-48CB-4246-A781-E8C0FF2A62AC}&page-id={ECA38F93-A819-49B4-9112-08D0B24A4E93}&object-id={2107DC3F-5079-40E7-B499-44C81AA4AE75}&26"
End Sub

My result: Windows cannot find 'Sub'.

Sub Main, End Sub, and AppBringUp are all Nuance/Dragon stuff. They won't work in anything else.

Removing all that and running the command directly may work:


Oh yes, it did. Better than perfect.