Opus not showing all files (due to hidden files)

Why can't Opus see files on a CD rom that Explorer can? It shows 1 .jpg picture yet Windows Explorer shows all 95. This seems odd. They are not encrypted or anything like that. Just jpg files.

You probably have filters in effect. Does the status bar indicate files are being hidden? Do they appear if you click on the hidden count?

(Or you're looking at a writable CD that hasn't had the files written to it yet, and Explorer is showing what will happen while Opus is showing what's really on the disc. I think Opus can work both ways, depending on config, but it's a long time since I used a writable CD.)

It is an old backup cd disk with pictures on it. I don't know anything about filters or the status bar, I just see that Opus can't read all the files that Explorer can. Does this mean Opus might be missing other files on my system too?

and I can bring in all the pictures using explorer and view them, edit them, etc., but opus just sees one picture.

Ok, found it. They were marked Hidden. How does that happen?

You must have changed settings in both Opus and Explorer to have it that way around:

  • Explorer doesn't show hidden files by default.
  • Opus does show hidden files by default (unless they're also flagged as system).

You can change it under Preferences / Folders / Global Filters (or via the Folder menu). More detail in this FAQ: Toggle display of Hidden / System files

As for how the files had the Hidden attribute set on them, the simple answer is that something set it on them. I couldn't tell you what set it on them. It might be the program that wrote the files to the CD. Or something might have set it on them before they were written to the CD, and the CD-writing software carried it over. Impossible to guess. You'd have to ask the person who created the files or the CD.