Opus' "Set" vs. cmd "set" name collision

I'm trying to set a temporary local environment variable in the "MS-DOS Batch Function" button, and it seems that the Opus' Set command clashes with the cmd's set command.

Code with the problem

I'm making a button which allows me to change the git commit's date while interactively rebasing. The temporary (local) environment variable must be set because that's how to force the git to change both the author and the committer dates (can't use the Opus' vars for this, git checks the env var in addition to --date switch value so yeah I know it's weird).

@echo off
set GIT_COMMITTER_DATE={dlgstring|Enter date & time|{date|yyyy-MM-dd} {time}}
git commit --amend --date="%GIT_COMMITTER_DATE%" --no-edit

The "git commit" part never gets executed because the "set" command fails due Opus thinking it's its own Set command with bad syntax.

I was not successful with @runbatch and it seems it's not possible to make the batch code accept the input data via Opus' UI facilities?

@externalonly exists for this.

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