OPUS & Shell Commands

Recently my Win 7 Pro 32 bit PC has become hopeless when I right click to save or open or just 'save as'.
I searched through various sites including this and see the main cause of the issue is lumped on Shell commands that aren't up to scratch or something to that effect.

Whilst not blaming OPUS it really has only taken hold since installing OPUS a couple of months back.
Only other program I have installed lately is one called Message Save.

I installed ShellExView and ran it. Message Save didn't show up so not sure what that application does in that area.
But I did see OPUS got mentioned a lot of times.
I played about disabling things but it didn't make any difference in performance.

I run Kaspersky and disabled that in ShellexView but didn't see any difference.
I then Paused Kaspersky and it may have taken a tad less to "Save As" but maybe an allusion?

It really is a pain so post here in hope someone may have an idea.

While the PC ponders on the waiting to act game, I can go anywhere in other programs including OPUS and so long as I don't invoke another Right Click and Save/ Save As I can work as quickly as this PC will allow which is not slow.


Hopeless, you mean it gets depressed? I jest, but try be descriptive about the problem you are experiencing, makes for faster resolutions.
Based on your 'waiting game' comment. Sounds like when you right click on something it takes a long time for the menu to come up. That the issue?

Some other details that might help (probably Leo).
what App are you right clicking in and what are you right clicking on?
Does it happen in Dopus and Explorer?
Do you notice any patterns when it runs normally and when it locks up?
I would also run a check disk (and a deeper disc scan) and remove any external drives.

If you are concerned it is DOpus. To test I would back up my config and uninstall it. If it fixes it it does not mean DOpus is the root cause, but it would be helpful in tracking down the issue I'm sure.

No doubt Leo will have more informed and helpful advice.

sorry - my closing statement obviously didn't convey enough oomph.
When I am in any program and perform a Save As, Windows hangs and hangs. For about 30 seconds, maybe longer.
Right Clicks in any Explorer, be it Opus or Windows can also have some negative effects in terms of time to act on the command.
That is not my main concern. The Save As is however.

There are many (as in heaps) of posts regarding this and the only ones I sensed had any real similarity with my issue was the Shell extension issues.
Most others related to Windows actually freezing but mine still allows me to do other things at full speed and open multiple programs and the performance doesn't drop in those applications/ programs.

Being such a common issue (Google) I thought maybe someone on OPUS would know if it's a known issue with OPUS.
And the coincidence with timing and Opus installation was coincidental. Or was it? Maybe not.

So rather than take extreme measures and find nothing changes I decided to ask here.

Opus has very little interaction with the Windows Save As dialogs. It's very unlikely that what you're seeing has any connection to Opus.

I would make sure there are no network drives mapped to inaccessible machines (which can cause weird slowdowns throughout Windows), and also that none of the favorite folders on the left of the Save As dialog are pointing to similar.

After doing that, I would start disabling shell extensions to see if the problem goes away.

Thanks Leo
"I would make sure there are no network drives mapped to inaccessible machines"
That was the issue.
I had Net Work Magic (Magic!!) on my PC and it picked up every thing that used my internet. With all the devices my family bought to our house you can imagine the mess!!

I uninstalled NWM and instant relief. Brilliant.
"Save As" and it is an instant reponse, no delays while the next new moon comes round. That was how it felt.

So again thanks