OPUS shortening folder/file names to 8 characters

Just transferred files to new computer (both Windows 7)

Using Opus Ver 10

Folders and files in Opus are displaying in shortened form - e.g., instead of

Opus is displaying

However, when I click on folder name appears correctly in address bar and in Properties.

Is there a setting that needs to be changed?


Did your registration certificate for Opus apply itself properly?

What do you see in "Licence Manager"?

Unless you have changed it, that is up in the Help bit of the menu.

There is a common reason for that, but maybe yours isn't common.

Indeed there is. But wouldn't the registration status give the game away?

That's why I suggested checking that rather than less palatable interpretations.

I note that we haven't had a reply to this one, which is probably a giveaway.

I see we have a new question another "victim" of the same phenomenon.

Note that the OP has a linked account so the odds are they have just neglected to install their proper certificate.

And why hasn't there been an answer for the OP?

michaelkenward's first response was the correct one, now waiting for the OP to reply.

Sorry, I've been traveling (with my old PC!). I'll check registration on new PC.