Opus stalled editing a button

Opus froze when I attempted to edit a command button. Initially, there were no subentries for Opus in the task manager; they appeared after a few minutes. While I could open new listers, shutting down Opus in the usual manner was impossible. I had to end the task after waiting for about 20 minutes.

I am sending the crash logs.

There's a lot going on in the process, so it's possible I've focused on the wrong issue, but it looks like a PDF IFilter is either freezing or taking a really long time on one of the files it was searching. A Find operation is being aborted, but waiting for the IFilter to return, which may be causing other things to then pile up behind it, all waiting on the IFilter.

Thank you for the prompt feedback. This seems unusual to me. I don't recall using Find before Opus stalled, particularly not while searching for something that would necessitate an IFilter. Is it possible that this issue has been building up over time? Additionally, how is it possible for it to crash precisely at the moment a button is opened? Well, this feels like an issue that can be kept at a low priority.

Maybe a Find which was started a while before?

It looked like the Find panel (or lister it was part of) was trying to close, but waiting for the Find to complete before it could do so.

Going in and out of Customize mode requires some synching with each lister, to get the toolbars to switch modes, so if one of the listers was hung waiting for that Find to finish, it might explain things.

At the same time, I might be wrong. If it happens again, please make a couple of snapshots in case it's something else.