Opus updates and restarts

Why when i updating opus i need to restart system (btw twice ! first change component Program ver. to, second Library version).
Why opus can't replace the component version on running system ?

It's very irritating. I don't restart my computer since thousand a month :wink: when opus updates I MUST :cry:

If you haven't restarted since "thousand a month", whenever that was, then your installation of Windows is almost certainly out of date. Your graphics drivers likewise.

Some update processes find it impossible to replace files that are essential to the operating system. So a restart is essential. That is why Microsoft also requires this from time to time when it pushes out its monthly updates.

This one is a regular. Once you understand the reasons why, you just learn to live with it. If restarting your PC is such a pain that it has become an issue, then you have other things to worry about than Opus and its updates.

"thousand a month" - it's a joke... :slight_smile:
Operation system restart after update it's a different case because the system is running and need to be restart (or only service need to be restart to work correct with updates). Opus it's only a program, and i can definitely close it, so why can't I update all his files without restart.

"If restarting your PC is such a pain"... - yes it's a pain because after that i need reopen many programs again, type password to truecrypt etc. etc.
Btw. Self restart after installed windows updates reopen all opened application...

Opus updates require a restart for the same reason updates to anything that installs a shell extension DLL require restarts: Windows provides no way to ask everything that has loaded the old DLL to unload it and allow it to be replaced, and any program that might show a File Open dialog will potentially have the old DLL loaded.

OK :thumbsup:

P.S. Why Office don't need restart ? Add shell extension too...

I didn't write Office so I couldn't tell you.

When do you ever update the Office shell extension, anyway?

I've locked this topic now.

It has nothing to do with Opus itself and while I understand the original point, it's simply a futile discussion.

The reboot after an install is a function of the way the windows OS is written and the result of a DLL being in use by the OS. If this is the case then the DLL cannot be replaced until a reboot.
Wish we had a choice but there's nothing that we can do about this. Further questions should be addressed to Microsoft.