Opus Viewer still can't replace Windows Photo Viewer

I found Opus Viewer still can't completely replace Windows Photo Viewer because of the following disadvantages:-

  1. Unable to automatically save the file after rotating like Windows Photo Viewer, which after pressing CTRL , or . this saves a lot of times.
  2. Shortkeys in the Viewer are not friendly to browse through long list of photo (next photo is PgUp PgDn, rotating key is Numpad 123. difficult combination). Windows Photo Viewer uses arrow key for navigating and Ctrl ,/. for rotating, much more convenient. Customizable shortkeys would easily solve this issue.

Or is there already a setting in Preference that i miss out that can address this issue?

[ol][li] Most of the time when I rotate an image I just want to rotate what I see, not modify the file on disk. When I want both it doesn't seem like much hassle to push Ctrl-S, for ad-hoc rotations, or to use the lister + viewer pane (or thumbnails mode) where the selected file(s) can be rotated with a single-click toolbar button or hotkey of your choice.

The way Windows Photo Viewer makes permanent (possibly lossy) changes to my files just because I did something in the viewer is one of the reasons I'd never want to use it. :slight_smile: (Why doesn't it also scale the image/file whenever you zoom it in the viewer? :slight_smile: )

[li] You can do it via AutoHotkey, if that helps.

Other than that, the options are:
[ul][li]Page Up and Page Down[/li]
[li]Space and Backspace[/li]
[li]Mouse-wheel up / down (depending on config)[/li]
[li]Left-click (depending on config)[/li][/ul]

I don't see why left/right arrow is so much easier than page up/down, space/backspace or the mousewheel.

Isn't this more about what you happen to be used to than one being objectively better/quicker/easier than the other?[/li][/ol]

Unless you like looking at your image sideways, if you want it rotated, you want it to be rotated always. There are numerous ways of lossless rotation even for lossy formats, some of them (modifying rotation flag) do not even touch image data. Having it available in standalone browser seems very natural to me.

The way Windows Photo Viewer makes permanent (possibly lossy) changes to my files just because I did something in the viewer is one of the reasons I'd never want to use it. :slight_smile:[/quote]
AFAIR Windows PV uses lossless rotation.

(Why doesn't it also scale the image/file whenever you zoom it in the viewer? :slight_smile: )[/quote]
Because it is not what you would expect, contrary to rotation. You probably would like to zoom-unzoom multiple times, but rotate only once.

Because these keys are most conveniently placed. At edge of keyboard, close to each other.

I really think you are not right defending current lack of options (which I requested years ago btw). Moreover, such stances lost all credibility in my eyes after adding support for '..'. We are back at customer is right, huh?

I do sometimes want to look at images sideways, or upsidedown, and only temporarily. Sue me. :slight_smile:

When I want to rotate a file, it's still very easy to do in Opus.

They aren't always available, and you can't guarantee that something won't be lost. Files should never be changed implicitly when using a viewer, IMO.

It can't always use lossless rotation as lossless rotation is not always possible.

I wouldn't expect rotating in a viewer to save an image either. I think the Windows viewer is the only one I've ever used that does it, in fact.

Being on the bottom edge of the keyboard makes them somewhat inconveniently placed, IMO. I guess it depends where you naturally rest your hands.

I still honestly do not see why the other keys are so hard to push. Maybe Page Up/Page Down are a pain on some laptop keyboards, but space and backspace are big, easy to push keys, where your thumb is naturally on space and your ring finger is naturally on backspace.

The Opus viewer has more options for next/prev than the one you seem to be advocating.

The arrow keys serve another, more logical purpose in the Opus viewer: They scroll the image around.

To be blunt (I'm a bit grumpy this morning, so apologies in advance), I really don't care if you asked for them years ago or not; that doesn't make the request more valid.

Oh, please.

If that is your attitude then it just encourages us to never change our minds about a feature again because people will then say stupid things like that in the future.

I would expect really much more insight into usability from a DO developer :confused:

Another useful feature not included is "edit"
I have to go out and right click on the file to select "edit" which is troublesome.

Earlier image resizing has minor problem of not keeping aspect ratio, i.e. resize to 640x480 ends up with 640x481. This seems has been fixed because lately i didn't encounter that problem.

Please teach me how to use Windows PV to default open photos, even I choose "Open with" and default to Windows PV, DO still take over.

See the Viewer and Viewer Plugins section of the Opus FAQ (link in my signature below).

I found this inconvenient as well. Is there an easy way to save the rotated file? (It seems after rotating the Ctrl+S is greyed out).

It would be fantastic if the Opus Viewer supports a checkbox option which enables automatic saving of rotation just like Windows Photo Viewer.

Happy new year!

If you link your account we can put one of those on our to-do list.

We could make Ctrl+S work after a rotation without any downside that I can see.

I'm not sure about automatic saving, since saving PNG images in particular can take a very long time (even if done in the background, it would tie up the file that was being saved, and could cause problems). Perhaps as an option, although it may also be confusing if it only works with some file formats (ones Opus knows how to save, and can save without losing information, since you wouldn't want to rotate an animated gif and then come back to find it now only has one frame...). And with JPEGs that cannot be losslessly rotated in all cases (without using EXIF, which has its own problems), it could lead to unwanted image degradation. IMO, it doesn't make sense to modify images without explicit instruction from the user.

Even if you don't want to hear that, custom hotkeys and menu for the viewer are overdue! It also seems a bit weird to reject customization options and the need for that in the viewer, while there has been massive work for customizing all other parts of DO, hu? o) Yes, we are spoiled. o)

There are weird keyboards out there (netbooks/notebooks etc.) and left handed people, and people that like to flip through images with the left hand, while panning around by mouse with the right hand. We'd also like to kickoff custom actions by key or context menu for the currently displayed image. Well, I guess you know all the viewer requirements and wishes - I have high hopes for v12! o)

There are some akward key-combinations at present, CTRL-F (size to fit) vs. CTRL-0 (view 100%) e.g, you can't toggle between these view modes with a single keypress/hand e.g.

Being able to save rotated images sounds sensible btw, but here I agree with you Leo, I also would not want that to happen automatically. o)

How are you all not hooked on XNviewMP? It's free, updated often, and is full featured. Hey, I LOVE D.O. but each tool to it's specialty, IMHO...

Locking this thread as it's not focused on any particular issue.

If there are specific feature requests for the viewer which anyone has then please start individual threads to talk about them (if not already talked about).

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