Opus & VLC


I have installed VLC media player and associated all video filetypes with it. I browse the folder with all my videos in opus and they all show us as the VLC cone icon. I tried viewing as thumbnails but no change. How can I force opus to view the movie files using the movie viewer plugin?

Is it also possible to assign a custom thumbnail image for each video file? I want to change the lister view to a picture of a shelf (for videos) and have the custom thumbnails displayed on this shelf (ala MAC).

Any thoughts?


Use the Open With menu to associate the files with d8viewer.exe in the Opus program files folder, if you want to associate them system-wide.

If you only want the association inside of Opus, edit the movie filetypes (Settings -> File Types) and set their double-click events to run the internal "Show" command.

It sounds more like your problem is that Opus isn't generating thumbnails for the files, though, which is unrelated to file associations. See the FAQ on movie/media playback for help with that.

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No, in general, it's not possible to override thumbnails with specific images. (It could be done via a plugin but nobody has written such a plugin.)