Opus will not rotate TIF images?

I've discovered while scanning photos to TIF format that none of the images or thumbnails can be rotated by DOpus' Tools/Convert Image/Rotate Left|Right commands. No problem with JPEGs. I've tried all flavors of TIF (24 v 48-bit; uncompressed/LZW/ZIP) and no combination will work. This is a shame since I want to rotate the lossless TIFs before converting them later to JPG, as well as keeping the TIF images (rotated) as an archive. Windows 7 Explorer's Rotate Clockwise|Counterclockwise commands DO work on TIFs, very surprised that DOpus wouldn't do the same. I found one forum post from 2007 calling out that TIFs can't be rotated and suggesting using IRFanView, but I want to keep my workflow in DOpus. Can this be addressed in an upcoming point release??

TIFF images are read-only in Opus.

But you can create a button in Opus which rotates images using ImageMagick behind the scenes, if you want to keep your workflow in Opus:

@runmode hide
"C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-7.0.7-Q16\magick.exe" {filepath$} -rotate 90 {filepath$}

But if you want to keep archive versions of the original TIFFs, I would store them as-is and not rotate or modify them at all. TIFF is not a complete file format; it is only a container format, like MKV is to video. Any program writing out a TIFF may not use the same codec etc. which the original file had, meaning the data could change in some way which loses information/fidelity, unless you're very careful.

Thanks for the quick response, and I guess you plan to keep TIFF as read-only, but I still register my vote that you add the rotate feature for the extension. Yes, it's a container format, but I'd argue it's a very well-defined format at this point in time and it's an indispensible format for serious and amateur photographers. The early nonstandardized days and past copyright issues are pretty moot at this point. Reading the header and determining whether it contains proprietary extensions, multi-pages, vector art, etc., could preclude rotating those. But I would think at least 95% of TIFFs today are photographic images and that a 90-degree transform applied to raster-based single images would be safe to program into Opus. A simple pop-up to the effect "Rotating this TIFF format is not supported" could suffice for the esoteric files. In fact, I would have appreciated a pop-up telling me that TIFF images cannot be rotated. It never occurred to me that they wouldn't be. (I could have stopped clicking the Rotate Right button like a well-trained monkey after the first click.) Or even simpler, dim out the buttons when a TIFF is selected.

Going forward I will try to set each image I scan to rotate while being scanned, but with trays of multiple 35 mm negatives that can be cumbersome too. (It's not an option to keep even an archive version unrotated because those need to be reviewed as well from time to time.) I could use ImageMagick, but then it's another program to maintain, place in the right path, scripts and buttons and custom toolbars to carry across Lister Formats and Opus upgrades. It's simpler to do what I did last night, crank up old Windows 7 Explorer, tediously click a couple dozen folders, size to Very Large Icons, multiple-select the target images, right click and click Rotate Clockwise|Counterclockwise. Took about 20 minutes and then I returned to Opus. Maybe I'm not enough of a purist with my attitude toward TIFFs, but when I have to step out of Opus and use clunky old Explorer to get some work done in 2018, it makes Opus look a little lame and weak, especially with those shiny Rotate buttons sitting right there on the toolbar, and lame and weak are words I NEVER associate with Opus. Of course Opus has been my right hand for a decade and I'll always use it, but this one thing lets me down a bit.