Opus won't open this .ZIP file

Every now and again I come across some .zip files that Opus doesn't like to open.

I've got a small .zip file I will attach here for reference.
Calc17.zip (9.93 KB)

Seems to be corrupt?

Hello Mr. Hall,

The zip file does seem to be corrupt.
It isn't DOpus's fault.
I tried the repair utility of another zip program called QuickZip and it didn't get it either.

Well, I did recover your zip file !
WinRar got it !

This is probably to Nudel's dismay as the source code for the rar format is sadly not available to him.
And then there IS the more than tragic loss of his laptop Kitty .

Here is the rar file and the rezipped by DOpus zip file:
Calc17_fix.zip (8.94 KB)
Calc17.rar (8.85 KB)

I don't think it is corrupt since I can open it with various other archiving tools. I just have a problem opening it in Opus and thought I'd highlight the issue here.

Explorer can't open it either...

It's not corrupt at all, it has the wrong extension. It's a RAR file - look at the file header.

Yep! You are right. I just checked it with a HEX editor and it clearly shows that this is a .rar file.

Sorry about that folks. Feel free to shoot and poke fun at me. :blush: