Opus8Icons.dis has two icons named "removecollection"!

I have started to create a Opus9 compatible Icon Set for my 60 AEicons, these were and are meant as additions to the existing Opus8Icons.dis Icon Set by Trevor Morris.

In the process of trying to make sure that none of the internal icon names are used twice I noticed that even though Opus8Icons.dis contains 226 icons in fact only 225 icons are shown in Opus9.

Problem: There are two icons named removecollection, and the first one is shown, the latter one is ignored.

<icon name="removecollection" row="6" col="15" /> vs. <icon name="removecollection" row="6" col="24" />

To illustrate the naming problem, and to maybe help add some more consistency, see the following image:

Suggestion: Update the Opus8Icons.dis\Opus8Icons.xml file, as the image suggest several lines would need to be renamed for consistency.

<icon name="removecollection" row="6" col="24" /> -> removecollection_3 <icon name="removecollection_3" row="6" col="26" /> -> removecollection_4 <icon name="removecollection_4" row="6" col="28" /> -> deletecollection_2

On a more trivial note. The following rename would also be more consistent, but can just as well be ignored:

<icon name="createcollection"  row="6" col="27" />  -> newcollection_2

What does everyone think?

I bring up this topic because the missing icon "bug" could lead to problems for the folks creating new icon sets. And this is a problem Christiaan will probably need to look into for his great icon sets as well.

BTW: I use unique icon names for the upcoming the AEicon Set for Opus 9, so I also have some interest in consistent icon naming :slight_smile:.

Hope we can agree on getting this into the next official Opus update.

I'd say it should be fixed, so the extra Opus 8 icon isn't hidden, but it doesn't matter that much and shouldn't affect/delay your own icon set.

The important thing when making your own set is being consistent with the names used by the Default Icon Set (i.e. Opus 9 icon set), since that's the one people will care about overriding. In the default set, deletecollection and removecollection each only have one version.

If someone has chosen an alternative version with a number after it, from the Opus 8 icon set or some other non-default set, then I don't think it's a problem if your icon set fails to override that icon. (It would be impossible to always override those icons anyway, unless you happen to create the same number of alternatives.) It will only affect the few people who explicitly changed those icons and they can easily change them back if they want to.

If you want to provide alternative icons for the same thing in the same set, like the Opus 8 set does, then just number them sequentially and don't worry about the Opus 8 set.

I didn't use the Opus8Icons.dis\Opus8Icons.xml file. My icon sets are based on the original
DOpus9 default icon set XML file (because i wanted to make a complete replacement sets).
So, i don't think this 'bug' also affects my icon sets. :wink:

You are right, I was too wrapped up in getting my own old icons in for now.

AEicons seem to be done, just need to do a bit more testing, so they should be up in a day or so.

I had the suspicion that some inconsistency had migrated from the v8 to v9 icons. Good to know that there are no such problems in the v9 icon sets.

I noted that you designed two icons that did not exist in v8 default, but now seem to be standard in v9... nice :slight_smile:

Opus8AEicons_\closetab.oic Opus9 Internal Icon Names\DOpusVista\closetab.oic Opus9 Internal Icon Names\DOpusWinxp\closetab.oic Opus8AEicons_\duplicatetab.oic Opus9 Internal Icon Names\DOpusVista\duplicatetab.oic Opus9 Internal Icon Names\DOpusWinxp\duplicatetab.oic

(I created empty dummy files for each icon name, letting me use Opus' duplicate file search to track down possible names).

I am attaching the image mentioned in the first post, since my image host is going off-line.