Organize the way files are listed

So as the title suggests I'm not too fond of how files are mostly organized and displayed by it's alphabetical order.
I would rather like to put some more structure into it as in, displaying everything in it's alphabetical order BUT also sorted after file type and the date of creation(i.e. downloads folder) as this makes more sense to me.
I'm new to this piece of software and haven't figured out how to deal with this yet.
Already tried finding a solution myself as in watching some Dir. Opus tutorials on youtube and I have also tried searching the forum before finally creating my account and asking for how it works as a last resort.
Sorry if this is a commonly asked question regardless. In that case I'm just too stupid to properly search for what I'm looking for.

Kind regards and have a nice day!

You probably want to group by type of extension. Right-click a column and there is a group option there.

Or you can do a multi-column sort (hold Ctrl when clicking the second column).

The issue I have with this is that it sets these "modes" globally. Is there a way to handle it this way for only specific folders?

Edit: Nevermind I was really being stupid I found out how it works now. Thanks for your help man!