Overlay film sprockets on videos and animations - i want the old version back

That new sprockets negatives:

  • It covers the thumbnail content, and i mean it, because its HUGE - I think it covers something about 10% of an thumbnail.
  • Barely visible on some thumbnails despite the size of the overlay image.
  • The size and position on thumbnail is not constant as it "tries" to adapt to every thumbnail - which is kind of distracting.
  • Reminds me of dead people photos. Not a positive thoughts, you know.

That new sprockets positives:

  • I dont see any over the old ones...

Even help section states that sprockets are on sides (i know, i know, you can easily rephrase it according to the changes...)

Overlay film sprockets on videos and animations: Adds film sprockets to the sides of video and animation thumbnails.

How does one style of sprockets do that while another doesn't?

Well, it was on both sides, positioned vertically, like your regular photo film sprockets. Also it was outside of the thumbnail. :roll_eyes: And now it is exactly like on dead people photos but with square holes...

What on earth are "dead people photos"? :slight_smile:

:grin: Cmon, you have seen it i am sure.


second vote for the old version.

or a choice between the two.