Overlay icons not hidden in tree and some still show in list

With the overlay icons turned off:

They still appear in the tree:

Additionally the new Windows 10 'compressed' overlay which appears in the top right, still appears in tree and list:

I'm not sure about the Dropbox status. It may be worth a try to try to fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) in case that is there due to caching.

By the compressed icon is not an overlay. It is baked into the icon that the OS returns for the folder. You can tell because if you assign a label that re-colors the icon, Opus will also re-color the two blue arrows at the top right, but won't re-color any overlays which are drawn on top of the icon, such as a shortcut overlay:

(The blue "compressed" arrows are also shown at the same time as the Dropbox status icon in your screenshot, and icons can only have at most one overlay at a time, so at least one of them can't be an overlay. Unless both were part of the same combined overlay, but that's ruled out by the label/color test.)

I'll try tree status icons with something other than Dropbox to see what happens.

Interesting about the compressed icon being baked into the icon the Windows API return! I believe there's a way to prevent that which I did prior to the Win 10 anniversary update, so I'll investigate.


Regarding the compressed icon - I just discovered the option Folders / File Display / Show generic icons.

However, even after fully exiting Opus it doesn't appear to affect the tree - in the pic you can see the Utilities folder is compressed:


If you turn that on you'll also lose individual icons for exe files and a lot of other things. You probably don't want to turn that on, except for extremely slow media.

Aye agreed, but I thought I'd let you know that it didn't affect the tree (but probably should).

For what it was designed for, it didn't need to affect the tree. (Arguably, the option could ignore folders entirely. That said, there isn't much case for using the option at all these days.)

You can use wildcard labels to override the folder icons for some or all folders/paths, if you want to do that. That will work in the tree and file display.

Removing the dropbox icon overlay shell extension (or blocking it for Opus only) will also remove those particular overlays, and free up an overlay slot for something else that might need it, if you don't want them.