Override @disablenosel

Is it possible to override the automatic @disablenosel on the standard buttons ?
I've tried adding a NO @disablenosel to the commands of my Delete button.
That works, but when I click the button Opus also opens a folder named "no" in C:/


There's no official way, although you can kludge it if you really want. The automatic disabling is based on the first command in the button, so one way to disable it is to put a command before the Delete command that does nothing.

Set HIDE Delete

Why do you want to do this, out of interest?

Thanks Jon, I appreciate the quick reply.
It's purely for aesthetic reasons.
I just don't care for the look of the disabled icons on the toolbar.

My reason is that I have a menu button:

  • the button itself does "rename"
  • one of menu entries does "select all images and rename them using preset".

BTW, thanks for the tip. I hit on the idea of making "empty command" but couldn't figure out what command would actually be best. My thought was to invoke "select invert" twice but I guess this one might be faster.

You don't need this for Menu-Buttons. Instead, go into Customize mode, right-click the Menu-Button and choose Always Enable Drop-Down.