Overwriting Set Staus

Hi Leo, do you mind giving me some guidance on this. Below is a picture of My Documents.

I have a Status for Flagged, which will put a flag on the folder and color it with Cyan. As you can see, Dopus Config and DisplayFusion Backups folders are correctly flagged and colored.

However, some setting seems to have overwritten Elder Scrolls Online folder. There is a flag set, the font is bolded but the color is not changed. Where can I check this?

Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels

The flag status icon doesn't change the label font or color by default, so either you've edited it in the past or you're applying other labels in addition to the status icon.

I have set the Flagged status to bold the font and to color the file/directory cyan.
But, it does not seem to work in My Documents anymore. Somehow, something overwrites it.

Turn on the Label column to see which labels have been assigned to those folders. You've probably assigned more than one.

TIL there is a Label column. And you are correct, I have two labels assigned to the same folder. Thank you!

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