Package dopus as a single exe file?

Please help me, I'm in despair...
I can no longer use dopus at work, since our machines were upgraded to windows 10, and it's impossible to run unauthorized exe files.. The same applied for windows 7 in the past, but we had found that there were a few folders where you could bypass the restriction and actually run programs from there. In windows 10, there is a folder like that, but it does not allow copying folders in it anymore, so, although I can copy dopus.exe, i cannot copy its folder. I'm also not allowed to create any symlinks. Shortcuts won't cut it. Is there ANY way I can have dopus as a single file exe work in that kind of setting? or any other workaround that I can't think of..
I can't work without dopus. All my work, folders, shortcuts, were organized there..

Have you tried asking them to authorise it? It may not be that difficult.

Alternatively you could change jobs :slight_smile:

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you have to able to justify why it's indispensable, and how others would benefit gravely from it, too..
Unfortunately most people who work there are of a completely different profile, and mostly use word and excel, and that's it. So I doubt I will be able to justify it.. From your response I gather what I'm asking is impossible... I understand, seemed a bit of a longshot anyway.
In the meantime, if anyone finds another loophole in windows 10 security, please let me know !!!

Run a lunch time presentation to demonstrate how awesome it is, and invite all the IT staff. I'm sure you'll get plenty of help on here and I know others have done it in the past.

Can you run the portable version from a USB drive? I can't use the full version in my workplace but the USB version runs fine on Windows 10.

I feel your pain though, I would be lost without Opus at work.

I won't dare mention that I use Opus to any IT staff just in case they decide to block it. I use IT Mode when they work on my machine :slight_smile:

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lunchtime presentations here are on..completely different things..It would never get approved. Also, I wouldn't be able to run it anywhere :smiley:

I can't run from a USB drive, I can't run an .exe from anywhere (except for a folder -that used to be C:\windows\debug\WIA in windows 7-but i can no longer also copy folders there, so no go....)

The portable version can be copied to a HDD/SSD and run from there, as long as the USB stick remains plugged in. (When creating the USB version, you need to select the "Use as a dongle" option for this to work.)

You'd still need a folder structure, though. If you can't create folders in the place you can run exes from, and you can't run exes from anywhere you can create folders (e.g. %AppData% or %Temp%) then I can't think of a way it could work.

It's a bit strange they lock the machine down to that extent but don't stop you running exe files from certain folders that you have write access to. That seems like a hole in their protections which they'd want to fill anyway.

I used to do what you describe when we were on windows 7, but now with the new restrictions I can't copy folders, only single files. It's strange, isn't it.. :frowning: i'm so sad. And that freecommander alternative looks SO strange and uninviting to me..