Parsing the content of filelist.txt?

I'm looking for reference info about the various listers properties in filelist.txt (produced using DOpusRt.exe ,paths command):

<?xml version="1.0"?> <results command="paths" result="1"> <path active_lister="1" active_tab="1" lister="0x404c8" side="1" tab="0x1404e4" tab_state="2">C:\Users\Jean\Documents</path> <path active_lister="1" active_tab="2" lister="0x404c8" side="2" tab="0x504c4" tab_state="1">C:\Dropbox\AutoHotkey\FoldersPopup\_temp</path> <path active_lister="1" lister="0x404c8" side="2" tab="0x1c08c8">C:\Users\Jean\Pictures\201407-08-Buffalo-Detroit-Chicago\</path> <path active_lister="1" lister="0x404c8" side="2" tab="0x404d2">coll://%%Lister-Quick-Find-Results%%/%4e0aadf78594927f01d407ed54fced526f9955cd-00000000000404D2</path> <path active_lister="0" active_tab="1" lister="0x240a20" side="0" tab="0xc099c" tab_state="1">C:\Dropbox\AutoHotkey\FoldersPopup\FileInstall</path> </results>
For example, how can I know what is the currently active lister?

I checked the help file (section DOpusRT Reference) and this forum but did not found it.

Lines will have active_lister="1" if they represent tabs from the active lister.

Thank you Leo. Got it. I figured for lister="0x404c8" and tab="0x1404e4" (windows ID). Also, side="1" is for top or left pane, side="2" for right or bottom.

Now, I'm just not sure for active_tab="n" and tab_state="n" ?

Let's put it with this question. Scenario: I have one lister with two side and, in each side, two tabs. So, a total of four folders. How can I know which folder is currently active? By active, I mean the foreground folder that has the focus.

To get the active tab you want the line with active_lister="1" and tab_state="1".

tab_state="1" means it's the selected tab, on the active side of the lister.

tab_state="2" means it's the selected tab, on the inactive side of a dual-display lister.

Tabs which are not visible (because another tab is selected on top of them) don't get a tab_state attribute at all.

Great! Thanks.

Another question on the same topic.

With listers containing a regular folder, I can switch to it using the following command:

DOpusRt.exe /acmd Go "C:\" EXISTINGLISTER

But when, in dopus-list.txt, a search result lister is described as:

<path active_lister="1" lister="0x1d0cbc" side="2" tab="0x60fb6">coll://%%Lister-Quick-Find-Results%%/%e14631819e0bbd6efa352938a5a9a7bdd5a7efb8-0000000000060FB6</path>

the DOpusRt Go command would not work:

DOpusRt.exe /acmd Go "coll://%%Lister-Quick-Find-Results%%/%e14631819e0bbd6efa352938a5a9a7bdd5a7efb8-0000000000060FB6" EXISTINGLISTER

It returns "An error occurred reading folder:"...

Is there an alternative using DOpusRt to switch to this kind of listers?

Secondly, are there other types of "coll://" listers in DOpus?


You might need to double each % character in the paths, depending on how the command is being executed. (Due to the Windows command line using % for environment variables.)

Apart from that, those paths should work fine, as long as the folder still exists. I checked here using a Command Prompt and was able to use them without problems, after doubling the % characters.

(Lister-Quick-Find-Results are automatically created temporary collections, which may be destroyed a while after they are not longer displayed anywhere.)

coll:// is used for File Collections which can also include ones made and populated by the user explicitly, as well as via Tools -> Find Files and similar. Unlike the quick search results, those collections exist until deleted or overwritten. "coll://Find Results" is the most common one, but collections can be created using arbitrary names.

Collections can also be nested within other collections.

Great. Doubling "%" works.

Thank you for the additional info about Collections.

Now, if there are two Lister-Quick-Find-Results collections in dopus-list.txt, is there a way to retrieve the search criteria for each of them. This would allow me to distinguish the two listers in a menu of listers.

<?xml version="1.0"?> <results command="paths" result="1"> <path active_lister="1" active_tab="1" lister="0x1d0cbc" side="1" tab="0xc1044" tab_state="2">C:\Dropbox\AutoHotkey\FoldersPopup\WORK</path> <path active_lister="1" lister="0x1d0cbc" side="2" tab="0x160cce">C:\temp</path> <path active_lister="1" active_tab="2" lister="0x1d0cbc" side="2" tab="0x60fb6" tab_state="1">coll://%%Lister-Quick-Find-Results%%/%e14631819e0bbd6efa352938a5a9a7bdd5a7efb8-0000000000060FB6</path> <path active_lister="0" lister="0x680e46" side="0" tab="0x140a62">C:\</path> <path active_lister="0" active_tab="1" lister="0x680e46" side="0" tab="0x2709e0" tab_state="1">coll://%%Lister-Quick-Find-Results%%/%744b03739105b8deb155fefd023d656d80b4e35e-00000000002709E0</path> </results>

I don't think there's a way to do that sorry.

OK. I'll differentiate these Quick-Find-Result Listers using an incremental number. Thanks.

Hi leo,

I think there is just one piece of information missing in this thread: what is active_tab? How is it different from tab_state ?

Just to tell you why I want to fully understand the content on this paths file: I'm thinking about adding a feature to FP that would re-create a "workspace" by reading the paths list in a saved file. It would open new lister(s) with the proper paths in each sides and tabs, as it was when the paths list was created. Can you confirm that this does not already exist as a feature I would not know in DOpus?

That sounds a lot like Lister Layouts.

OK. Good to know. I'll develop a similar feature for non-DOpus users (re-opening a group of Explorer windows) but I will not put as much energy to duplicate something already existing in DOpus. Thanks for letting me know.

This being said, what about "active_tab" ? :wink:

active_tab indicates the tab is active (visible) and tells you which file display it's in (1 = left/top, 2 = right/bottom).
tab_state tells you if the tab is set to source (1), destination (2) or off (0).

I regrouped all the info in this thread:


active_lister="1" active lister
active_lister="0" other active lister(s)

active_tab="1" active tab (visible) in left/top side
active_tab="2" active tab (visible) in right/bottom side

lister="0x404c8" unique window ID (or handle) of the lister

side="1" left/top file list in the lister
side="2" right/bottom file list in the lister

tab="0x1404e4" unique window ID (or handle) of the tab

tab_state="1" selected tab, on the active side of the lister.
tab_state="2" selected tab, on the inactive side of a dual-display lister.
Tabs which are not visible (because another tab is selected on top of them) don't get a tab_state attribute at all.

tab_state="1" tab is set to source
tab_state="2" tab is set to destination
tab_state="0" tab is off