Partial match in search while you type in a lister


I realized, if you type a name of a file in a lister, only files listed with matching at beginning of a file name. Is it possible to configure that, like in the search box (Partial match)? That would be fine :slight_smile:


Do you mean you want the Find as you Type (search field) to act like a filter field and hide the non-matching files, instead of selecting things?

Hi, Nudel!

I also know the Filter Field, but i don't want to focus these first each time i will search for files.

Furthermore i realized, that only the first entry matched my input is selected. If i use these function as a selector, i assume that all files matching my input are selected.

In my opinion it make sense, to have an option to configure the behavior of search while you type, as per default is set to partial match. In this case i can abandon the Filter Field from my UI.


You can set a hotkey that activates the filter field, and also set it so it filters as you type, so apart from one hotkey press at the start I think it already does what you want.